Shakti Irrigation (I) Ltd. was established at Pithampur (near Dhar), Madhya Pradesh, in the year 2014 as a subsidiary of the flagship company- Shakti Pumps (I) Ltd. renowned across the globe for its 100% stainless steel pumps & motors. Backed by enormous agricultural knowledge and experience gained from Shakti Pumps, Shakti Irrigation today is a globally acclaimed company engaged in the manufacture of drip irrigation systems, pipes, cables, poly houses etc. and provides complete solutions in the agriculture irrigation arena as well as in the domestic, industry through the supply of pipes. A strong R&D facility coupled with a state-of-the-art integrated manufacturing unit have not only ensured the best quality but have also made Shakti Irrigation a leader and a force to reckon with in the domestic as well as the international markets.

Shakti Drip Irrigation Plant set up at Pithampur (near Dhar) in Madhya Pradesh (India) represents the cutting-edge technology of the 21st century. The plant is all set to bring a total revolution in the field of agricultural irrigation with its state-of-the-art imported machinery.


At Shakti Irrigation, we nurture the vision of bringing in a revolution in present day agricultural irrigation such that it becomes more profitable & promising than ever before. We intend doing this by ushering in highly advanced agricultural & irrigation equipment as well as procedures with the help of our very dedicated R&D workforce. This way, we wish to herald a promising era in the field of agricultural irrigation.



  • To establish ourselves as a leading brand in agricultural irrigation.
  • To win the trust of millions of customers across the globe.
  • To provide our customers with the latest & the best equipments in agricultural irrigation.

Shakti Irrigation is a subsidiary of Shakti Pump, an efficient and world-renowned brand. This gives us an advantage of a wider knowledge and experience base which is reflected in our products and services. We believe in delivering the best quality through the best technology that we acquire by rigorous R&D and use of the latest manufacturing equipment. Along with this, to enrich the customer's experience, we also have an established 24x7x365 customer support. We strive to revolutionize the agricultural market through sustainable irrigation solutions for the future and present through yield-increasing technology. By choosing us you place your trust in a company that is prepared and willing to provide you with the best agricultural experience!



We believe quality products can enrich customer experiences, therefore Shakti Pipes are made for easy installations and increased longevity. The pipes are light-weight with high flow characteristics which are equally matched by its efficiency due to the use of state-of-the-art technology. We have multiple types of skillfully engineered pipes for each purpose without any compromise on capability.



Shakti drip irrigation Systems consist of high quality, pure material lateral pipes & drippers. They are manufactured in a very advanced set up where a quality check is ensured at every stage. As a consequence of constant & ingenious R&D, Shakti Drip Irrigation Systems help increase the effect of manure & chemicals in every way.

Shakti Drip Irrigation Systems prove very efficient & cost effective in the long run & thus are a boon in agriculture irrigation today.